Fuck all stupid people

Too many stupid people. They all can go fuck themselves. Oh and why does Google keyboard not recognize fuck as a word. It’s in the fuckin Dictionary. Shall we give Google the honor of having the stupid title. I think so.

Tell me what’s on your mind people. What idiots are driving you crazy today?


Vegetarian Women

Why Are Vegetarian Women Silent During Sex….?
They Are In State Of Shock That A Piece of Meat Can Give So Much Pleasure…

Another week with idiots

Back to the office tomorrow, where I had to listen to fuckin’ idiots all day long. People like to waste time in meetings and bullshit ’bout nothin’. Totally fuckin’ waste of time. Fine by me; I get paid by the hour. Anyone out there wanna go into business together and leave their bullshit jobs? Fuck em all.